Improve Your Business Profitability and Efficiency through Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma training is one of the most important and popular quality training for commercial, service and industrial professionals. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training cuts operation costs, improves customer and employees satisfaction, improves teamwork, reduces wastage, increases profitability and above all, it continuously improves the quality of products and services.  Many companies around the globe have benefited immensely from this training.

Lean Six Sigma process 

The six sigma process was developed in the 1980’s and through it; giant manufacturing and service industries were able to cut cost, reduce waste, improve efficiency and maximize their returns.  It is a process of achieving and sustaining business success, driven by understanding the customer needs and efficient use of organization resources in order to improve and reinvent the business processes.

At the heart of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training is the DMAIC process. This is the acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. The define phase identifies the organization problem such as poor quality, over production wastages, nonvalue addition processes, increased inventory, high lead times as well as the unnecessary movement of raw materials and people which result to time wastage. The Measure phase involves the collection of data from the processes. In the third stage, cause affects relationships and root causes of problems are identified. The fourth phase entails the improvement of identified problems and lastly, the control process ensures that improvement is tracked and controlled to avoid reoccurrence.

Type of six sigma training programs

There five certification stages in Lean Six Sigma training; white, yellow, green, black and master black belt.  The white belt is a basic training enabling employees to identify and solve problems.  The Yellow belt is a bit advanced and enables the worker to participate in team review processes. The green belts are provided with more training of the DMAIC process and participate in team-based activities such as data collection, analysis, and improvement. Black belts are leaders, trainers, and implementers at a management level. Master Black is the highest level and meant for trainers, consultants, and mentors.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training is the most important as it imparts high-level knowledge on planning, deployment, and implementation the six sigma processes across the whole organization. It is suited for team leaders; departmental and quality managers as well as other management staff.

Managers and quality professionals who have undergone Black Belt Training have advanced knowledge of six sigma process, philosophies, and strategies. First, they plan and deploy an organizational-wide Lean Six Sigma transformation process. Secondly, they use effective team leadership skills in selecting and training the team, allocating roles and responsibilities to team as well as facilitate and motivate the team towards achievement of the set goals. Thirdly, with their advanced knowledge, they identify wasteful and nonvalue addition processes and apply specialized tools to improve and transform companies.

Executives wishing to transform their businesses, increase profits, improve quality and efficiency should enroll for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification course at With 25 years experience, the firm offers courses customized for different industries and this guarantees effective application of these principles resulting to a total transformation of business processes.

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Use Of An Overhead Crane And Other Modern Lifting Equipment

The rule and grasp of advanced technology are being counted on everything, and the engineering sector is one of the most benefited sectors to enjoy the constant upgradation in equipment and tools. Being involved in any such segment, you would love to enjoy the modern-age cranes. These have all the variants and types to meet the modern standards. Thus, picking up something, which can be latched on to the crane, and picking up something heavier and without any latching, edge, etc. are both possible.  An overhead crane which was the only solution once for picking up heavy machinery has got a new partner, the vacuum cranes or vacuum lifting equipment.

overhead crane

Why Use the Vacuum Cranes

The beauty of the vacuum cranes is in the excellent ease of use, and the extreme suction power and weight bearing capacity of these. These are the reasons that most construction sites and industries nowadays keep both types of cranes parallelly so that none of the jobs get stalled due to the absence of one type.

When an overhead crane lifts a weight by simply picking it up with the full machine power, the vacuum cranes have to use half the power than that. Only induced magnetism, and in some cases the vacuum created between the vacuum lifters and the object makes it hold highest weights and safely transfer them to another location through great heights. For these reasons, the vacuum cranes have been adopted in a wide range of industries and places.

The Glass Handling Equipment for Fragile Object Handling

However, sometimes both a vacuum crane and an overhead crane are of no use, and special cranes to lift heavy yet fragile things are required. For such object handling the glass handling equipment is a great example of advanced technology. These cranes simply suck in the object and transfer them with such precision, and the care is simply unmatched.

If you are planning to get some cranes for your construction or other industry, then before you hire or buy a crane, do some nice research on the advanced cranes. The work of an overhead crane would be best done by it, and similarly the vacuum lifter would be best in some particular segments. Though technologically advanced yet one may not go well in replacing another always.

Buy or Hire

Whether you would buy a crane or hire one, your calculations should be based on how frequently you would be using the lifting equipment. If it’s a daily job, then the best possible option would be to buy one as there is no point counting money for the rent every day. Let this be the one-time investment  to get you continued returns. However, in case you would need the machine for just a few days in a month or once or twice a week, hiring would be a good option.

Whether you buy or hire, most importantly you must have a sound knowledge of the lifting equipment being used worldwide to know what kind of latest technology you can use in your construction arena. This will help you plan and proceed better. For more details please visit this site

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