Avoiding the Dangers of Crystalline Silica in the Workplace

Thousands of workers are at risk of having serious lung disease caused by crystalline silica (C-Si). Of course, you wouldn’t want your workers to have such occupational health problems, especially that it could cause further complications and even death. Thus, you should look for a reliable occupational physician that could help your workers avoid such ailments.

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How Could an Occupational Doctor Help Protect Your Workers from C-Si

Crystalline silica may be one of the most common elements found in the Earth’s crust, but it could be very dangerous when inhaled constantly. This puts industrial workers, like those dealing with sand, stone, and concrete among others, at constant risk of acquiring diseases caused by respirable crystalline silica.

Such kind of dust particle can irritate the lungs, which can gradually progress to serious stages and even cause death. Good thing is, you can help your workers avoid such ailment by hiring a reliable occupational doctor for your company. Such an expert can help you by implementing certain steps to help you establish a healthy working environment and practices for your workers, whilst keeping their health in good condition.

Workplace Assessment

An occupational doctor can do an assessment of your entire area, especially the workplaces of your employees. These include areas which are possibly exposed to crystalline silica. After doing an assessment, he can draft some modification recommendations that you can follow for your workers’ occupational safety.

If your workers do their jobs in various places, like different construction sites, an occupational physician can suggest some practices to help them avoid crystalline silica. He can also suggest protective wearables like face masks for your workers.

Pre-Employment Health Assessment

Aside from ensuring environmental welfare, an occupational doctor can also make sure of your workers’ health condition. Of course, this should start upon the hiring or recruitment process. An occupational doctor can conduct a health assessment of all applicants before you hire them.

This way, you can make sure of having workers who are truly fit. If you have a building construction business, for example, an occupational doctor can filter away applicants with asthma and other lung diseases. Needless to say, such medical conditions could worsen when exposed to crystalline silica.

Health Monitoring and Treatment

An occupational doctor can also do silica health monitoring and surveillance to make sure your workers haven’t acquired any ailments from their work. This can help ensure that all of your workers are in good health condition, whilst providing them the proper treatment when necessary.

For instance, such a monitoring procedure can help with detecting silicosis on your workers. Note that such kind of lung disease should be treated as early as possible to avoid complications. This can let the doctor provide the proper treatment to certain workers, thus putting them back on good shape. Moreover, this can also aid you for legal actions when you need to relieve a worker from duty.

These are three important duties of an occupational physician that could protect your workers from the threats of crystalline silica. Thus, you should look for one that you can hire and trust the welfare of your workers to him. Of course, make sure to work with experts to efficiently achieve your company’s health goal as well. Visit Resile for the best occupational doctor you can have.