How reliable compensation lawyers help workers file their compensation benefits

If you have recently suffered from a work-related injury or illness, then you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This compensation is a compulsory form of insurance for all workers in every state and territory in Australia. This serves as your protection from work-related injury or diseases. However, there are cases when employees deny workers’ compensation claims. When this happens, your company may tap the services of reliable compensation lawyers Brisbane has to offer.

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What does a compensation lawyer do

If you are the worker, you need an attorney to represent you and help you obtain benefits. Meanwhile, one of the main roles of workers’ compensation lawyers Brisbane has today is to represent the defendant (the employer or the employer’s insurance company) and help in mitigating the defendant’s liability.

They will help the employer or the employer’s insurance company to…

  • gather medical evidence and medical records
  • conduct discovery
  • take depositions or oral questioning under oath of the claimant, doctors, medical experts and other parties involved
  • perform legal research
  • draft pleadings, find facts, briefs, motions, opinions and other legal documents
  • stay updated with current development and trends in the law
  • litigate cases before a workers’ compensation judge or referee

When to call a lawyer

If you are the employer and wants to file a claim to your company’s insurance policy, hiring a compensation lawyer Brisbane has these days is your best bet. Below are scenarios when hiring a lawyer is necessary

  1. Your claim or the claim of your worker is denied.

There are a lot of reasons why insurance companies deny workers’ compensation. For example, they might insist the injury is not work-related or the claim was filed a little too late. Appealing the denial is best done through the workers’ compensation system, and a reliable compensation lawyers Townsville or Brisbane offers today can help you with such claim.

  1. You have a pre-existing condition.

If you have a pre-existing condition or injury that involved the body parts injured at work, hiring a lawyer will help you face an uphill battle with the insurance company. It is possible that the insurance company may blame your injury on your previous illness, especially if the old injury has developed over time.

  1. Your permanent disability rating is disputed.

The benefits that workers enjoyed if they suffered from permanent disability as a result of a work-related injury is based on their permanent disability rating. The insurance company may require you to get an independent medical examination (IME) with the doctor of their choice, especially when they don’t agree with the rating assigned by your attending physician. It is possible that the IME will assign a rating that is much lower than your initial rating in order to pay lesser benefits. A no win no fee lawyer Brisbane clients recommend these days may be available to help you or your worker.

  1. If you have a workers’ compensation hearing

This happens when your company insurance refuses to settle or only plans to make snowball settlement offers. Proving the case at a hearing is done and since the procedure will look like a mini-trial, hiring workers’ compensation lawyers Brisbane offers today is definitely needed.

These are just a few scenarios when you may need a compensation lawyer. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer Brisbane service, visit for useful details.